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19 Nov 2013 IBM Data Studio Web Console. As a database administrator, it is important to have a good understanding of your database environment. Some of the things you need to know are the kinds of activities that are happening on the system, the data server status, and the database connection status. The IBM
If Data Studio web console is not already running, you can start the product and log in by using the default administrative user that you created during installation. If you upgraded your product, log in by using the default administrative user that you created during the upgrade or log in as a user with permission to access the
21 Feb 2014 Recently I happened to upgrade data Studio Web console from v3.1 to v4.1 , things have changed a lot in the installation process. I remembered those days of Data Studio Web console v3.1 installation , it was just straight and interactive.Just run the bin file and every thing is a cake walk .Below is the
5 Mar 2012 IBM Data Studio. –Past and Future. –Installation. –UI layout and basic navigation. –Administration using Data Studio. • System administrative tasks. • Database objects management. • Query development. • Query tuning. • DB2 10 features support. –Monitor using Data Studio Web Console. • Job manager.
27 Aug 2013 Hi Everyone, I am using DB2 9.7 on windows 8, Data Studio / Web Console 4.1 I am trying to execute DB2CLP Script from Web Does it mean that I need to have this service installed on the server then only I can run DB2CLP scripts through Web Console? I have openssh server installed on my server.
27 Apr 2012 You can now install the IBM Data Studio Web Console (DSWC) on a server somewhere in your environment to perform these functions. The Installation and Configuration page contains links that tell you how to install the product as well as the system requirements such as operating systems on which it
To install or upgrade Data Studio web console: If you are upgrading from Data Studio web console version 3.2 or newer, stop the earlier version of Data Studio web console, if running: Open the launchpad: Start the Installation Manager installer: Complete the installer.

20 Apr 2015 Should I ask this on the DB2 forum, if so, how do I register? Sorry if dumb question .. am about to download/install Data Studio 4.1.1 and in the Quick Start Guide I find .. Step 5: Get started with the product 1. Set up the Data Studio web console. If you did not install the web console and plan to connect to a
21 Apr 2016 Important: The Data Studio web console is no longer supported, however you can easily perform the same tasks with our replacement offering, the IBM Data Server Manager(DSM). You can download DSM from the IBM Support Portal, and get detailed installation and configuration information at the DSM