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2 May 2014 When cutting dovetail joinery by hand, it can be difficult to keep a handsaw aligned at the proper angle while making tail cuts. To get around this problem and ensure straight, accurate tail cuts, Fine Woodworking reader Alejandro Balbis devised a simple saw guide that keeps his cuts on track. The jig is
17 Mar 2015 Secondly, when you're using a hand saw, the power from the stroke should be coming from your body stance. If you're right handed, stand Preferrably, your guide should have a small bevel (really small) on the bottom edge to account for the fact that most saws have set teeth. You can of course also buy
I've bought one, but it just doesn't work. Instead of having the sides hold the saw, I just saw into the plastic One day I was daydreaming a bit: "If I take that magnetic dovetail jig that I saw in one of Jay Bates' videos, and align it differently, will I be able to use it for sawing at 90°, perpendicular, and square to the wooden board
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22 May 2011 I decided that I needed a jig to help in keeping the blade aligned and straight. To do this I used an 8/8? oak board with a 3/4? board on the side dropped down 1/2?. The 8/8? stock gives me a high enough guide that allows for a solid rest for the saw. To make the cut I simply glide the saw against the jig
Creker Magnet Crosscut Hand Saw Guide Straight Marker Dovetail Marker Magnet Saw Jig - -
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31 May 2012 A magnetic guide for precision accuracy when sawing. Helps develop accuracy and skill.
3 Sep 2014