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So, other than $800 brake job, and ****ty mpg what is wrong with s6 v10? . i'd stick w/ infiniti, just as audi luxurious, but much more reliable You guys are missing the point with manualsnot only does not one want to drive a manual, many active safety systems do not work with manual transmissions.
7 Feb 2016
17 Oct 2014 You've got $19k to spend on a used Audi, do you get a V10 powered S6 or a 6-spd manual shifted S4? It would have been great if Audi had placed a 6-speed or one of their fabulous DSG transmission behind the V10, but rich executive types who would buy such a vehicle new overwhelmingly prefer a
I am thinking that if I got the S6 I would order in a RS6 motor and swap it into the S6 since they are pretty much the same vehicle. . in theory would be much easier to make work in the S5. Even the V8 from the R8 can be made to work somewhat easily as others mentioned above. But that V10? Man-o-man.
When I started checking out the ZF used in the S6 and compared it to the RS4 manual transmission, I noticed something different right away. The front axle where the front driveshafts connect are right up at the front of the transmission on the ZF, unlike almost every other Audi transmission where they are a
Audi's performance division reworked key parts of the internal combustion engine, increasing the motive power to 240 kilowatts (326 PS; 322 bhp). It was only available with a revised six-speed manual transmission (parts code prefix: 01E, identification code: DGU) (gear ratios - 1st: 3.500, 2nd: 1.889, 3rd: 1.320, 4th: 1.034,
Hello I have quick question. I want to buy 07/08 A6 but I'm wonder if I can find manual trans in usa 3.2 or 4.2. Tkanks for help.
Apparently they handle pretty darn well, and have that V10 that sounds amazing. Of course, I'm sure maintenance isn't cheap on these. I'm wondering who on TCL might have experience with or know a bit about these? Any big trouble items? Transmission OK? From what I've read it has the engine block
22 Jul 2014 But then, looking at it closer, and comparing to the S6/S8 gearbox, the front axle is too far rearward on the RS4 trans, and almost every other manual Audi offers. The S6/S8 transmission has the front axle pushed right up to the front of the gearbox. The only other manual transmission I could find with a
23 Jul 2013 The main reason for this is the 5.2-liter V10 mounted under the hood, which shares most of its parts with the engine they use in the Lamborghini Gallardo. Yes . You could theoretically swap a manual transmission from an RS4 or an R8 into an S6, hang pedals, fabricate various adapters, engineer custom