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2 Aug 2010 How come I failed to realize that I still do not have any walkthrough for Illusion Castle Underworld? Here you go, guys! Dungeon Entry Requirement: * Character Level Above level 120 * Battle Style Above level 11 * Reward 10,000 Honor Point for completing + Extra honour for the Illusion Stone Quests
22 Mar 2011
B2F 06.jpg, Go forward and avoid all the monsters until you reach the room in the image and kill every monster you see there, and Ekzane will appear. B2F 07.jpg . And you cleared the dungeon you accept your reward of 3000 Honour Points and return back to Undead Ground.
13 Aug 2009 [GUIDE] EOD B2F SECRET 5M AND 2M QUEST! AND HONOR. Posted by cabalisfun | Posted in Dungeon , Guide · Hidden Helper T Quests: About Honor Points: Killing: Item Upgrades(Force & Upgrade Cores):
25 Oct 2008 20. Kill Printz Versen, loot his quest item drop and then break the chest. 21. In this room look for the 2 huge shining tomb as seen on the picture, answer 2-1-1 22. As seen on the picture, click 1 first and then all answers should be the last option, click 2 and receive 100 honor points. 23. Look for another gate
2 Aug 2010 The newest Cabal dungeon, Radiant Hall, already made it's way to the game servers yesterday with the implementation of the Secrets of the Radiant Hall patch. It is surprisingly easy, with the bosses not as strong as everyone expected. There are a lot of side quests so I am not sure if this is a complete
23 Jan 2011 Press it and you'll start the optional quest which gives 10k honor points. In order to get them you must kill 5 of each of the following mobs: Setizin, Prown, Negrabei. The first mobs the Setizin are around the spring. And 4 additional are after the electric corridor. So kill 1 before going through it. The Prown and
26 Nov 2010 18.Lalu bunuh Prinz Verzen. 19. Setelah kau menbunuhnya suruh partymu untuk bersembunyi di ruangan yang lain sementar kau akan menyelesaikan ghost quest. B2F 19.jpg. 20. Kembali sedikit dan sentuh kedua benda seperti di gambar dan kau dan partymu akan menerima 100 Honour Points.
7 Oct 2008 Tower of Dead: B2F including Hidden Quests. Entry Warp: Center of Undead Ground, near Wraiths. Required Item: Epaulette of the Dead – B2F (EoD B2F). Required Level : 105. Total Reward: 7,000,000 Alz and 10,100 Honor points. There is no more alz rewarded for CabalSEA. All alz changed to honor