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I have just filled in my application form and it is waiting to be posted but am keen to know if anyone on here has done this. The dogs are generally between 12-18 months old. Or anyone who has knowledge or experience of rehoming an older labrador. Bookmark. Add message | Report. crossedwires Thu 24-May-12 22:01:
Great news! Our Reclassified Dogs list is finally opened again and those who have been waiting to provide a home for these extraordinary dogs can now
Adopt a guide dog - essential rehoming criteria to rehome a withdrawn (failed) guide dog.
Hi everyone, I want to get another dog and am thinking of a labrador. I do not want a puppy and was thinking about adopting a failed guide dog. Does anyone know any information about this or how to go about it? Failing this i would like a dog that is around 1/2 and already slightly trained, do not want to go
6 Jun 2016 Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are the most common breeds available. You will also see Lab/Golden crosses as well as German Shepherds, Poodles Labradoodles, and Goldendoodles. We have seen many other breeds working as service dogs, but these are probably the most common you
Rehome a guide dog in 8 steps. 2) If you are eligible to apply at this time, complete the Rehoming Application Form. If you need an accessible form please email your contact details to the Rehoming Officer at the Training School.
26 Aug 2012 A 'failed' guide dog may not like the work, may have health issues or may have another reason for not passing, often they will be assessed to see if they can do other assistance work and be offered to their puppy walker before rehoming to a private home from the GDBA list. Im told the list of approved
Sadly, sometimes dogs don't make the grade to become a guide dog. Once withdrawn from the training programme, they are assessed for their suitability for other approved assistance dog organisations. These organisations will be able to utilise the skills Rehoming steps and application. Elderly labrador lying on a carpet
Unsuccessful / Retired Dogs. Guide Dogs SA/NT is a premium service provider in the disability sector. We use our expertise with dogs and in sensory service provision to enhance the quality of life of individuals living with a disability and their families. The Guide Dog Services department provides Guide Dogs to people who
Reclassified Dogs What is a reclassified dog? Due to the exceptionally high standards required in successful Guide Dog work, some puppies are not suited to the intensive Guide Dog training process. These are known as 'reclassified dogs', or socialised puppies with different career paths. Although some may not have the