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23 Sep 2007 Autotrader doesn't give me a option to chose from Saleen Mustang, i am trying to sell my car and see how much its worth i forgot the name of the webpage to go to. Mantra is offline
In 2015, the Ford Mustang celebrated 50 years on this planet, so what better way to celebrate it than with a new-generation model. With the 2015 Ford Mustang came a new look, a new independent rear suspension, and a new 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Since 1984, Saleen and Ford have worked together
as Steve Saleen used his experience racing Mustangs to vastly improve the handling characteristics of the Mustang over what was available from Ford. To further spice up the car, The earlier cars were major improvements over the stock handling offered by Ford, but at a price in ride quality. You got race car handling, but
7 Dec 2015 It's always difficult to anticipate trend, but based on recent movements in the market, here are some observations for Mustang values that are slowing down, . Saleen Mustangs They were essentially the Shelby Mustangs of the Fox-body era and collectors have already warmed to them to a certain degree.
At $25,570 and with 300 horsepower under the hood, it's hard to find anything comparable. Certainly, Saleen's new supercharged S281 version of the Mustang--at $48,624 in its cheapest form--is not directly comparable.
12 Oct 2016 Original condition Saleen Mustangs can fetch more than modified examples, and Saleen keeps documentation on every car built, with unique history in some cases able to influence value. The good news is that getting into an era-defining collectible that has a connection to a strong community of
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3 Feb 2013 The Saleens I looked t have all been manuals and are in the mid 60s. I'm just wondering if the added cost of the Roush and Saleen are really worth it for the performance that you get. I know the Id buy a GT500 before I paid 50+ for a mustang GT with Roush's name plastered all over it. Feb 3, 2013 #4
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