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12 Mar 2014
4 Jun 2014
23 Oct 2013
okay, been contemplating doing this for a while, so i finally did it.. 3/8" flat bar, bent by hand in a vise with some heat added. 2 x 4, carpet, couple of u bolts and bolts for the 2 x 4. drill the bolt head side of the 2 x 4 3/8" and pounded the head in it so it wouldnt come out and scratch boat. total cost was about
That's a lot of guide work for a 20' Trophy . Unless your boat is light, I would recommend staying away from the metal conduit guides you purchase at Marine stores. tried the ShipShape guides (purchased at West Marine) and my 2002WA trophy bent those out while putting the boat on the trailer in a strong
Created some new trailer guide-ons yesterday using some basic materials from the local hardware store. My main goals for these guide-ons was: Make trailer more visible when there isn't a boat on it (for retrieval); Help hold the stern in place during moderate winds/currents when retrieving. (click for larger
So with my 2nd child on the way, my budget for boat stuff has once again been cut down. The trailer I have is small, to the point where I cant see
17 Apr 2007 Does anyone know how to make a pair of guide-ons to straighten the boat out on the trailer something like this?
3 Aug 2012