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3 Apr 2015 I have a number of websites that I want to exclude from WCCP and Websense. ACL's and WCCP for ASA and Websense OK so for example access-list WEBSENSE_REDIRECT extended deny ip any then access-list WEBSENSE_REDIRECT extended permit ip any
24 Jul 2014 Table of Contents. Cisco ASA WCCP Traffic Redirection Guide. About WCCP. Guidelines for WCCP. Redirect Traffic with WCCP (CLI). Redirect Traffic with WCCP (ASDM). Configuring WCCP Service Groups. Configure WCCP Packet Redirection. Monitoring WCCP. History for WCCP
31 Mar 2016 This document describes how to configure the Web Security Appliance (WSA) / Cisco Router in order to support transparent redirection of HTTP, Cisco Web Security Appliance that runs AsyncOS Version 6.0 or later; Native FTP proxy enabled on WSA; WCCPv2 compatible Cisco Router/Switch or ASA
29 Aug 2017 .. I was using Websense which was supported with this feature. Mark. marco. I am having problems to setup Cisco ASA Firewall to redirect HTTP and HTTPs traffic to my Web Cache using WCCP.
2. Configure Content Gateway to work with your WCCP devices. In addition to network interface, protocols, ports, authentication (if used), and multicast communication (if used), also configure: WCCP devices. For example, for Cisco ASA firewall, different service groups are required for each WCCP device in the network.
Hello guys i have one confusion for wccp , scenario is asa----2 websense box there are 2 websense box = 2 wccp servers , as per my knowledge only
2 Jan 2012
20 Oct 2017 See Cisco's ASA 5500 Series Configuration Guide for further detail. How the Redirection Loop happens: When a site is bypassed in Websense Content Gateway, the proxy will forward the client request with the original source IP address. The ASA firewall redirecting the traffic is above the proxy. As a result
Will it worth doing the WCCP integration between WebSense and Nortel Passport 8600? or with the Cisco ASA Firewalls? if you want optimal availability for your clients to work you wouldn't use websense at all, but even if you want to use websense you'll get better availability if you setup the clients in a
In this example, there is only one Barracuda Web Security Gateway deployed. ASA(config)#access-list wccp-servers permit ip host <Web Security Gateway IP> any. Create an access-list of the traffic that needs to be re-directed