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Features: Stromgren Elastic Double Strap Ankle brace by Anatech is designed to provide superior support by compressing the ankle with Spandex sock. Provides tape type support without using a type. Wrapping instructions are available with it. Ankle circumference determines the size of the brace. Easily fits in any type of
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Stromgren. Made By STROMGREN. Stromgren Double Strap Ankle Support. This wrap/brace provides tape type support without the nuisance of tape. An elastic sock An elastic sock has an elastic wrap attached so the ankle can get medial and lateral support. Comes with wrapping instructions. Measure around the
Markwort Stromgren Double Strap Ankle Support Braces. Designed for the athlete who does not want or need the restriction of tape, but wants even medial and lateral support of the ankle with comfort. An excellent preventative or rehabilitative support. Made in USA.
The Stromgren Stirrup-Lock Ankle Brace is a very comfortable brace that helps reduce ankle sprains by restricting inversion and eversion. The patented stirrup-lock support helps prevent many common ankle sprains. The easy-to-hook Velcro makes the Stromgren Stirrup-Lock Ankle Brace easy for athletes to put on quickly.
Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stromgren Double Strap Ankle Support (White, Medium) at I regularly wear this support as a preventative measure when I play competitive badminton, ever since I had reconstructive surgery on my ankle. It provides a . Easy to care for and wear.
8 Jan 2013
It is an excellent all-around injury prevention ankle support. An economical choice, it can be used every day for an entire season, rather than purchasing disposable wrapping tape. This ankle support comes complete with instructions for use. To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of the ankle, over the
The Stromgren Double Strap Ankle Support is Stromgren's most widely used ankle support. It is non-bulky and extremely comfortable. This brace provides medial and lateral protective support with 2 permanently attached straps that tighten. The Velcro closure provides easy application. Fits easily into most shoes. Fits either

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